Arizona State Historic Preservation Conference - October 27-29, 2021
Arizona State Historic Preservation Conference - October 27-29, 2021

Site Steward Program's Annual Conference Registration

The Annual Site Steward Program Conference will begin on Friday morning at 7:30am and conclude with excursions, hikes and activities on Sunday, October 31st. The SSP Awards will be held at noon, Friday, the 29th.

Workshops will be held all day Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th. Additionally, we will be holding a number of exciting workshops at the Pueblo Grande Museum, which is a short 9-minute drive from the conference hotel.

Sunday excursions will take place in various locations, including at South Mountain Park, Agua Fria National Monument, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and other locations in and around the Phoenix Valley.

The main purpose of the annual SSP Conference is to provide excellent training through workshops and activities for our volunteer Site Stewards. The conference is also a time to recognize and celebrate the great work that all Stewards and land managers do for the preservation of cultural resources in the southwest. While the focus is on the program's volunteers, and partnering land managers, the conference also welcomes members of the public who are involved in cultural resources and Arizona's 22 Native American tribes.

There is no fee to attend the Site Steward Conference. Registration fees, conference food/beverages, conference workshop facilities are all covered through grants and or general support from Luke Air Force Base, Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona State Parks & Trails, SHPO and through donations made to the AZ Site Steward Program Foundation.

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Project Archaeology: Third, Fourth and Fifth grade Arizona Educators interested in a fully developed archaeology curriculum for your classroom may register for this workshop. Attendance is capped at 20 people. Please list the subject and grade you teach, along with your school name.
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The Site Steward Program Foundation is working with Hopi artist Duane Koyawena (20-year award prints) to develop a new SSP T-shirt that we will have ready for the conference. Select a size below if you would like to purchase ($25) a Shirt (Payment will be taken at the conference)


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Regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are keeping up with the guidance of the World Health Organization, CDC, and state and local authorities related to travel, quarantine, meetings, and events, and we will continue to adjust and communicate our guidance accordingly.

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